About the Appraisers
Dr Carl Vincent & daughter Tanya Vincent
antique appraisers
Dr. Carl Vincent


Dr. CarI Vincent (1916-    )

Born in California in 1916 at the Ranch Los Flores in Orange
County, He was taken to China at the age of 6 where he
grew up in the area of Hang Cho at the beginning of the
Grand Canal. Attending traditional Chinese clan school
before graduating from the Jesuit college in Shanghai with a
M.A. Degree in Science at the age of 24. Forced out of China by the Japanese in 1940 they were stranded in the
Philippines in the early years of the Second World War.
Returning to the United States in 1943 he attended Yale
University and graduated in 1945 with a degree in
Engineering. He traveled for years all over on digs and
discovery. After returning to California, he studied at
U.C.L.A. under Hasheda Otha in the Department of Oriental
Art and under Lidia Takashida at Cal State Los Angeles in
the Japanese Art Department. Carl taught over the next 30
years art, history, antiques and philosophy before retiring to
a ranch in Northern California. He has maintained his
interest in Oriental Art by aiding in his family’s antique
business scattered from Los Angeles, Monterrey and across
Tanya Vincent


Tanya Vincent (1965-       )

Born in Southern California Tanya has traveled the country for work and pleasure learning along the way with her father. Growing up in antique stores and attending shows Tanya has been in the antique world since birth. Living on a ranch has taught her how to rope cattle and work hard. Graduating from Shasta College with 3- AA Degrees in Education, Business and Animal Science. She Graduated from California Polytechnic University Pomona with a BA in Fine Art and Animal Science-Pre Vet Medicine. Returning to Northern California she studied under her father throughout the years in antiques and Asian Jades. Tanya graduated from Asheford Institute of Antiques with degrees in Antique Dealership, Antique Business and became a Licensed Antique Appraiser. Since 2000 Tanya has traveled the West Coast with Dr Carl Vincent doing appraisals and authentications of fine antiques specializing in Ancient Chinese Jades. Tanya sets up Appraisal Days sponsored by non-profit groups for fund raising events, she does research and studies constantly to keep abreast of the market values in the antique field...
Member of:
Authentic Artifacts Association
American Antiques and Collectibles Association
Association of online Appraisers
Verified Appraiser for Just Answer online
National Independent Business Women’s Association
Licensed Appraiser from Asheford Institute of Antiques
Verbal apraisals are just that, a verbal value and information is given for the items presnted. Cost is $10.00 per item and you bring the items for evaluation.

Fund Raiser Appraisal Days- organizations may contact us to learn of how appraisal days can be set up for fund raising events to support your group projects. Please call 530-949-6691

What we do

Verbal Appraisals at your home --- on several items is $250.00 and we will walk through giving you values and information on any and all itmes you have laid out and wish to know about. Clients enjoy this type of appraisal for estate sales, ebay selling and things of this nature. There is no numbered limit on a verbal walk through and this is within a 40 mile limit of the City of Redding. Outside this range there is a mileage fee added to the above fee.
Written apprasials are done by coming to your home or office photographing each item, measuring each itme and discussing the pieces. The fees are based upon the work involved and you will pay at this time. The photos and information is then researched and thoroughly examined, written in a book format and sent back to you upon completion. Time on recieving your booklet is dependent on the amount of research involved and can be stated when at your home usual time turn around is two weeks or less. These are used for insurance, IRS, court cases and other legal needs.

We also handle estate sales-- We meet with you and learn of what you wish. We clean and set up the property advertize and hold the sale as contracted. For more information on estate sales contact 53-949-6691